This is exactly why we created Smartr Marketing… we saw the need for income-generating apps to hit the marketplace. So we obliged.

The truth is, in order to make money at anything, a transaction needs to take place, a sale needs to be made, and an exchange of value needs to happen with both parties involved.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for people to understand that concept… so, they want to make money from home, but they don’t want to talk to people. Well, if you get rid of the label of “sales” and just think of casually promoting brands you like, then you can start making money promoting those brands.

We spend a significant amount of time conversing with friends and family about brands we like and products and services we buy. This is why Smartr Marketing and Smartr apps are perfect… because you can now actively participate in the transactions happening with the people you connect with, and the brands you love. There are no “sales” involved, unless you decide you want to do it more frequently to make more income.

I’d give Smartr Marketing a try. Either as a promoter, or getting your own app. Or, encourage your friends’ brand to get an app, share your referral code to make income with Smartr Marketing… and then help them promote their brand too for a second source of app-generated income.