Here are some words from Jason Criddle that can be found on Quora. You will be able to find the original question that was asked of him in bold, before his response.
How can I meet e-commerce millionaires so I too can be successful? I don’t mean watching YouTube videos asking you to buy a course. I mean finding a social circle of like minded people. Thanks in advance!

Thank you Ed Childs for asking the question and also reaching out to me. My answer is a hard truth to swallow, but I have been there.

You meet ecommerce millionaires by being an ecommerce millionaire.

That’s it.

If you think an average person will reach out to millionaires and get a response to your friendly social circle tea parties… you may want to do a little studying on human behavior. Or at least come back to reality.

In the beginning of my journey, I too reached out to all sorts of famous people, millionaires, huge companies, etc. Although I have built quite a few relationships with so-called “famous” people, they did not bloom until I was recognized through TV and other PR sources before my name and brands were taken seriously.

Simply put, no one wants to work with a new entrepreneur, because 99,999 out of 100,000 entrepreneurs and new business owners will give up and won’t be around long enough to ever build a relationship with another company.

An ecommerce millionaire literally has zero reason to associate with someone who is not on the same level of business. And believe me when I say, our inboxes are full of dreamers who want to be our friends. It all looks like spam now. None of it looks sincere anymore.

It is very clear that many new entrepreneurs are out to make money when successful entrepreneurs are out to help others. We see right through it.

I associate with people on a professional level who have accomplished more than me. Any millionaire would do the same. Everyone wants to be a millionaire. And the people who become them do so through hard work… not by asking complete strangers how to make social circles when many of those strangers would not have any knowledge of how to accomplish such a task anyway.

“Grind until you are successful, and you will attract like-minded people.” – Ed Childs (the person who asked the question – and he is very correct in his thinking)

This is the real world. You have to work on becoming “Googleable” if you want to get anyone’s attention. Write answers here, launch books, start a community organization, get some PR, make content about it… spend years building yourself and your brand – then start building your social circle.