Here are some words from Jason Criddle that can be found on Quora. You will be able to find the original question that was asked of him in bold, before his response.

What are some books or sources of information that help one starting a business independently while having no solid idea of a product in hand?

Books only help what is called, “paralysis by analysis.” People think the right book or YouTube video will give them some solid answer to why they think they need to become an entrepreneur, when in reality, they don’t. It is the same regurgitated information, recycled by different personalities.

TV and modern social media outlets have glorified entrepreneurship to the point to where people actually think “becoming an entrepreneur” should be a goal. And it most certainly is not.

It is not fun. It is not sexy.

People see pictures like this and believe this is entrepreneurship, when this isn’t entrepreneurship at all:

That is called marketing… and you fell for it.

That image made you click on the answer, and it makes you think you need to be an entrepreneur. Images like that drove you to ask this question… and they will lead you down a road where you will only look back at your life and wish you had spent more time with your family.

At most, entrepreneurship is a right of passage one will need to go through IF they don’t give up before they ever begin. Because, believe me when I tell you, coming up with a product idea has NOTHING to do with business, and looking for a magic book will do NOTHING to help someone go through the grueling years of building a real brand – if they make it that far.

You have:

Product idea.
Research and development.
Test marketing.
Product development.
Market research.
Building SEO, content, and online education and infrastructure.
Writing a few books, since no one cares about random entrepreneurs anymore.
Building a store or merchant solution.
Building sales processes.
Hiring sales staff.
Dealing with bugs, errors, and 10X time taken to launch a final product.
Leading a sales team.
And that is all before you make your first sale. AND it all costs time, energy, stress, failures, money, and more of the same.

Also, believe me when I tell you, any person who can and will succeed as an entrepreneur is someone who finds solutions on their own, can think and propose solutions on-the-fly without guidance, and will have to make decisions in seconds that can make or break a company.

If you need a book to find some answer to hopefully help you find a solution to maybe creating a product one day… you may have to admit something to yourself that I sure wish more people would admit.

You ready?

You aren’t an entrepreneur, and have no business being one.

There, I said it. And I wish more people would.

Successful entrepreneurs are not usually people who quit a job because they were tired of the 9 – 5 and decided to start a company. Those are what we call “self-employed” people.

Successful entrepreneurs are people who have always been entrepreneurs, have always found ways to provide value to others, have never been able to hold a job or work for someone, because they are not the type of person that asks questions.

They are type of person that answers them. They are leaders that the world works for. Literally every job on the planet is there for you to earn from because of a small handful of entrepreneurs, and there aren’t many of us built for such a daunting lifestyle.

There is nothing wrong with trying to start a business. But there is also nothing wrong with being an employee, being self-employed, and society working together to get rid of the paradigm that everyone needs to try to build some million-dollar company.

There is a trillion-dollar industry at work that steals money from the pockets of people who think they can create million-dollar companies… and all it is doing is making the wrong side money.

Stop fueling the system.

Stop chasing money, when you should be chasing happiness with yourself and your family.