Here are some words from Jason Criddle that can be found on Quora. You will be able to find the original question that was asked of him in bold, before his response.

How can I find an investor to help me set up a distribution channel in the UAE for a new product owned by another company?

Ok… so, you need an investor:

To help you set up distribution…
And I imagine you need money…
For a new product…
Not owned by you…
So, as an investor, my question will be…

“Why on earth do I need you?”

You see… you are an unnecessary line item in an equation that makes ZERO sense to allow your involvement.

You don’t have money.
You don’t have experience.
You don’t know where to find investors.
You don’t have the ambition to find them yourself, which is how you got here.
You don’t own a business.
You don’t know how to source products.
You don’t know how to set up distribution even if you had a business with a product.
Once again, I am sure you need an investor to pay for it all too.
And I imagine, you couldn’t run a business properly if you did find an investor to help.
What I would do, is spend a few years learning how business works. In that time, figure out how to earn more money and do this project on your own… simply because, no one is going to help you, or trust that helping you would pay off.

Investors invest in profitable businesses run by competent officers.

Investors do not invest in guesswork made by unprofessional newbie entrepreneurs who need their hand held in order to make their first dollar.