Here are some words from Jason Criddle that can be found on Quora. You will be able to find the original question that was asked of him in bold, before his response.

Can my online business stay open for 24 hours?


The internet is only open on Mondays and Thursdays from 11:04am to 3:13pm CST, except when the sun comes up 1 degree further south than it did the day before, at which point, all of the various Internet Service Providers will have potato sack races on consecutive Sundays to choose the winner. Depending on who wins, business hours of the internet will more than likely change.

If you are caught running your business outside of internet hours, you may incur charges and fees from your ISP, because they will have to bring the nazi-driven, Tyrannosaurus Rex powered nuclear generators online to keep your store broadcasting on the internet. Those T-Rex powered generators are expensive.

You remember when the cold snap happened a few weeks ago and much of the US lost power? It wasn’t the cold. It is because some uneducated entrepreneurs were using the internet outside of normal business hours and the nation’s grid was overloaded.

Hope that helps.