“If you haven’t read Harry Potter, you are missing out on an entire magical world.”  Pardon me if you are not into fiction and have listened to this statement for the millionth time.

But even if you hit me in the head, the truth will remain the same which I already declared in the first line.

If you were crazy about Harry Potter at some point in your life and you thought that you will never read another spectacular fantasy series again then you were wrong. Because I found some gold in the fantasy mines. Yeah, you read that right. 

These amazing finds will teleport you to another world, make your heart ache and then break it. These books will give you hope, only to take it back, and show you love and friendship without boundaries. You will fall for rebels, thieves and even enemies. 


Let me introduce you to Leigh Bardugo’s fantasy world – Grishverse.

It sounds like magic, but folks, it ain’t magic. It is small science. Those who are blessed can manipulate basic science at their own will. Leigh Bardugo wrote three sets of series that revolve around Grishaverse. Allow me to walk you through all.


1- Shadow and Bone (Trilogy)

This trilogy starts with enchanting Shadow and Bone, moves to intense Siege and Storm and ends with poignant Ruin and Rising. I am not sure why this series did not become popular as soon as it hit the shelves. The good thing is, it was adapted into a Netflix show which helped it to get more exposure. The books and shows differ at many levels. Therefore, you got to read the books first – to get the feels and to get your mind into the Grisha zone. 


2- Six of Crows (Duology)

This is another series which is actually the most thrilling heist you will ever read. It covers two books – Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. It is not as magical as the first one but both are set in the same world. There is no real timeline or connections but as per the events in the books, this story happens after the Shadow and Bone timeline. There are few characters which are in both series – one of the reasons, you need to read this.

Contrary to the books, the Netflix show has combined both series into one show. Not bad. But you will miss out on the details and characters’ depth. But then, if you actually want to feel the characters, books are always the way to go.

It would be unfair if I don’t mention that the entire Grishaverse series got popularity through this duo-logy.


3- King of Scars (Duology)

In the Grishaverse timeline, this story happens three years later the events of Shadow and Bone. In the meantime, Six of Crows happened. 

It is more of a continuity of Shadow and Bone. The first book is King of Scars which is mostly the buildup of climax. The second book is The Rule of Wolves where all the action takes place.


You won’t be able to decide which is your favorite book. Leigh Bardugo has done a great job of creating a fictional world which almost seems real. The thought put into each character is remarkable. There’s no magic like Harry Potter but other than that you will get everything which will keep you captivated like Harry Potter did once or I would say, every time.

Read already!

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