How to write effective online content that engages your audience

online writing

Veteran writers would hate this blog post because it contradicts most of their writing methods. A specific word count, use of clever analogies and fancy vocabulary are becoming a thing of the past. These specifics might still work but in offline mediums.  When it comes to writing online, things are different. There is tons of […]

Land your First Client as a Freelancer in 1 Week with No Experience


Starting a career or switching careers is overwhelming at any stage of life. Whether you are graduating and about to step into the practical world or you are going through a midlife crisis and desperately want to switch careers for your sanity, the pressure is always frantic. Things are more complicated and seem impossible if […]

Sunscreen Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction


Was sunscreen even a thing back in the 1900s? I remember my grandmother having the best radiant skin and a youthful glow even in her 90s. She religiously used only one face cream all her life which is now known to be full of toxic ingredients.   While that face cream did some magic, I give […]

Master the Art of Success: 5 Habits to Adopt from Highly Successful People

successful people

Sometimes achieving success seems like an elusive goal. How are some people are far more successful than others? Waking up at 4 am and taking cold showers don’t set them apart. But a few realistic and smart habits make them success magnets. Let’s see what these habits are and how they can help you to […]

ChatGPT and AI Prompts: The Future of Content Creation


Is it fair to use ChatGPT? Is ChatGPT diminishing our ability to think? Some believe ChatGPT is the most powerful tool ever created, surpassing humans. Others think no tool can ever replace human brainpower. There’s a third category not taking part in this debate but using ChatGPT intelligently and ethically. This category is surpassing those […]

Building your Personal Brand: Why it Matters and How to Get Started

personal branding

A crazy amount of likes and a massive fan base – that was my idea of a personal brand a few years ago. It’s kind of true but personal branding is much more than vanity metrics like impressions, likes, comments and followers. Gone are the days, when a personal brand was linked to celebrities and […]

From Wands to Grishsas: Book Recommendations for Harry Potter Fans


“If you haven’t read Harry Potter, you are missing out on an entire magical world.”  Pardon me if you are not into fiction and have listened to this statement for the millionth time. But even if you hit me in the head, the truth will remain the same which I already declared in the first […]

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2023

Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day is approaching, and you can’t decide what to get your mama this year, right? You want to go the extra mile and gift her something thoughtful that she absolutely loves. I hear you, my friend. That’s why I have compiled a list of the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas that never get […]

How to Earn Money on Steemit? A Beginner’s Guide

Earn Money on Steemit

Ditching my Instagram blog and joining Steemit was the best decision I made in 2018.  I have earned a lot of money and a great reputation on the platform since then. If you are a blogger or a content writer like me then immediately join Steemit. You are going to thank me later for introducing […]