Is it fair to use ChatGPT?

Is ChatGPT diminishing our ability to think?

Some believe ChatGPT is the most powerful tool ever created, surpassing humans. Others think no tool can ever replace human brainpower.

There’s a third category not taking part in this debate but using ChatGPT intelligently and ethically. This category is surpassing those wasting time in debate.

AI will not replace humans. Humans who use AI smartly will replace those who think AI is evil.

Almost a decade ago, I worked on an AI-related project at the university. It was nothing compared to ChatGPT, but at that time, it felt exhilarating to create a tool that understood the semantics of user queries. Little did I know, AI would make a crazy leap in the next few years.

Considering its growth in the past, it definitely seems AI will replace us soon. That is a creepy feeling.

A human writer doesn’t just string together words that fit based on some facts. A writer produces words based on his/her life experiences, observations, and knowledge. A writer has a life that is itself an ever-evolving experience that reflects in their writing.

In short, a human has perspective.

The big question…

Can AI have perspective?

I think not. It will forever remain a slave to us. It may deduce conclusions based on fed data, but to think on its own? Impossible.

However, there’s no denying that this new AI beast, aka ChatGPT, is a rich knowledge base and a great brainstorming tool.

Let’s utilize what it can offer to save time and energy that goes into otherwise tedious tasks.

Not everyone knows how to make the most out of ChatGPT.

It’s a powerful skill to ask the right question.

Here comes the prompts in the picture.

The right prompts can help generate content ideas and solutions to problems. There can be different kinds of prompts like creative prompts, writing prompts, brainstorming prompts, or even research prompts.

Are you interested in learning some prompts that you never dreamed of using before?

Here we go:


Prompt #1

You are an expert editor and proofreader. You have to make changes to [content].

Content: [Insert here]

Tone: [Insert here]

Goal: [Insert here]


Prompt #2

You are a social media manager. You have to repurpose [existing content] into [new content type]. Generate ideas on how to achieve content goals with repurposed content.

Write [content type] using [existing content].

Existing Content: [Insert here]

Content type: [Insert here]

Goal: [Insert here]


Prompt #3

Write a copy for [product name] by creating FOMO in the customer. Transform [features] into deeper emotional benefits. Use [copywriting technique] throughout the copy.

Product Name: [Insert here]

Target Customers: [Insert here]

Features: [Insert here]

Copywriting Technique: [Insert here]

Tone: [Insert here]

Goal/CTA: [Insert here]


Prompt #4

Create [number] SEO-friendly blog post ideas on [topic name].

Topic Name: [Insert here]


Prompt #5

Create an outline on [blog post title] using [keywords].

Blog Post Title: [Insert here]

Keywords: [Insert here]


These prompts can make your work so much easier. You can create more prompts for yourself to make your day-to-day tasks a breeze.

P.S. It is advisable to always cross-check the output of ChatGPT.

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