We live in a world that provides many opportunities for remote work. The digital economy made the business world smaller and opened doors to many young professionals. Nowadays, it’s easy to find a job online because platforms like Upwork, Jobrack, Smartr, and Craigslist offer many opportunities to freelancers and businesses to get to the right talent.

There are many reasons why you should become a freelancer. According to FreelancingHacks, working from home improves working performance by 13%. However, the competition in the freelance world is harsh and you need to be very helpful for the remote career path you choose.

There are many possibilities, however here the hottest remote jobs right now on the market.

1. Social Media and Content Manager

Social media presence today is vital for any business. Therefore businesses are thirsty for experts in social media that can amplify their online presence and make it a success.

There are various areas in social media that you can specialize in.

For instance:

1.     Paid Social Media Ads

2.     Social Media Content

3.     Growth

4.     Prospecting

5.     Lead Generation

The more specific your expertise is, the more money you will make.

 2. SEO Expert

Search engine optimization is another way to market your business online by ranking your website higher in Google search results. SEO is a complex subject and not many people know how to handle all of the amends you need to make to transform your content and prepare it for Google indexing.

Adding the right keywords, Meta tags, and staying up to date with all of the Google updates is a lot of work. That’s why many business owners decide to hire an expert. SEO experts have a lot of work on their plate and have the ability to make a lot of money.

3. Quality Assurance Specialist

The tech world needs QA experts all the time. There is a deficit of QA professionals and companies are willing to pay a large sum of money to get a quality testing service in place.

However, to become a QA expert, or if you want to code and write test case studies, you need to have web development experience.

The market is also in need of testers, therefore, you can enter the QA industry just by getting familiar with the testing processes a company needs, and you may be able to get started without any coding experience.

4. Virtual Assistant

If your organizational skills are on point, then you can easily sell yourself as a virtual assistant. Keeping track of all the small details a business has and following project management systems is highly demanded in the market.

Business owners are too busy to handle operational daily activities. By being proactive and organized you can easily become the ultimate virtual assistant and make a lot of money by doing several jobs for many companies at once.

5. Graphic Designer

Design and visual aesthetics have become increasingly important in the last 5 years. Game production companies, marketing agencies, and even small and medium businesses need a graphic designer.

6. Smartr Marketing or Smartr Brands Promoter

One of the main reasons I even started writing for this blog is because Smartr Marketing has allowed me to add an income generating business to my catalog of services I offer to clients, and I don’t even have to pay anything to participate, which is really cool. As the entrepreneur climate changes, more people and freelancers need access to easier ways to generate income from home, and Smartr is a way to do it, too.