Over 95% of Shopify businesses fail.

Is it surprising? It may be to some, but not to me.
I walked into the local pizza place the other day to pick up our pies, and the team behind the counter had 6 different tablets and screens in front of them. When I asked why so many, the manager told me, “Well, this is our POS, this is for GrubHub, this one is for Favor, this one is for….”
She named off a few delivery models I had never even heard of before.
I was stunned! As a SaaS company owner, I am always worried that ONE more app or ONE more dashboard will turn away a small business owner. But this larger, well established pizza brand did not find extra screens or tablets inconvenient whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I believe their willingness to put themselves on all of these apps is an act of sheer genius… and probably a reason why a business owner putting all of their eggs in one basket is failing.
Sadly, I meet a lot of people that are relying solely on Shopify to bring their business success, but what they don’t know, is WHY most of those businesses on Shopify are failing.
Shopify is a platform – not a solution. As much as I love our Smartr software – Smartr is a selling platform as well. This means, regardless if you are using a Smartr app to sell your products, you need to be selling your products and services in as many places as you possibly can. Not just one.
If you use Shopify, great… but use Amazon, Smartr, Craigslist, Ebay, and anything you can possible use to get more sales. Don’t put all of your eggs in Smartr’s basket, or anyone else’s.
Diversify your chances for success, and you will be successful.

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