Stuck at home? Get your side hustle on.

I never knew getting toilet paper would be such a difficult task. After visiting 6 stores, I was losing my motivation, but that doesn’t stop an entrepreneur, right?
In fact, once I felt that sudden urge of discouragement, it was followed by an immediate surge of energy and determination. I am going to find some paper for our family to wipe their butts, no matter what I have to do. As I walked into the 7th store with my new feelings of success, I found toilet paper.
Suddenly, I am left questioning myself. Was the toilet paper there all along, or did my new found attitude create a situation where I would be guided directly to my goal? Does the universe truly work in our favor once we make the decision to make something happen?
The truth is… I don’t know, but I do like to believe. Perhaps the same energy that can be used to find toilet paper in a crisis like the Corona virus can be used to build a business. Maybe the only reason I was able to build such a fruitful brand from home was simply because I had no other choice. The bridges were burned, and success wasn’t an option. In some way, I think God recognizes this, and provides us solutions.
My point is, this virus has shown us a few things:
1. Our society needs us to be healthy – therefore – some sort of solution for accessible healthcare for all is a must.
2. Corporations could have allowed you to work from home a long time ago.
3. The internet, while used for entertaining us most of the time, is a utility we should not take for granted, and it should be readily accessible to anyone with a pulse, regardless of affordability.
4. While corporations are slowing down and adjusting, the small business sector and entrepreneurs who were already working remotely, are thriving.
What does all this mean?
Well, it means you should stay healthy. It means the world needs to overlook our petty issues and realize some parts of our lives do need free/affordable social solutions in place. And it means anyone who has been thinking or dreaming of starting their side hustle needs to get to work on it.
Because while the rest of the world is scrambling to get back to normal, the small business owners who already had infrastructure in place that allowed for remote work and success are not missing out on anything. It is just another day at the (home) office for us.
Regardless of what your dreams are… if you are stuck at home, don’t forget to get your side hustle on.

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