A message from our CEO.

In times like these, we all need to take a step back and evaluate what is important to us. For some, it’s business, for others, family, for few, it’s our legacy – what we will leave behind, as well as be remembered for. As I sit here writing this, my mother is in the hospital, and cannot have visitors, because the hospital cannot risk allowing the virus into its doors. What an eye-opener – being turned away from visiting someone you love.

When I created Smartr, the entire purpose of the business model was and still is, “giving back.” Our affiliate program is literally tied into every piece of software we build, giving businesses the ability to easily increase revenue, and giving everyday people a tool for creating income by promoting those businesses.
That said, we sometimes get so focused on one more dollar, one more customer, or one more partner, that we forget how important it is that humanity stays healthy and vigilant on this planet, as one united people.
When we take a moment to realize how small our problems really are as individuals, we need to be thankful that we are healthy enough to have those petty problems to begin with… because some people would be so lucky to suffer so little.
Luckily, since we help people work from home… most of our customers are thriving or unaffected during this crisis. That is why, for the month of March and possibly longer, Smartr and all Smartr companies will be donating ALL profits to the Coronavirus Relief Fund. To me, family, business, and legacy are all encompassing – and my primary driver for working hard everyday.
Humanity will get through this, stronger and smarter than we were before. Hold your loved ones close, and don’t forget the bigger purpose behind why you started your business to begin with.
If you would like to donate to the Coronavirus Relief Fund, please visit the link below. Or, go to the custom page in any Smartr app, and put in the reference number 19, to make a donation of any size, and we will forward your donation along.

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