To have a successful business, you need to understand who your customers are, and what will motivate them to spend their money.  Putting yourself in their shoes and understanding their emotional needs instead of just selling your product is what good marketing is all about.  These are the 5 psychological approaches you can take to help your business grow.

The Biological Approach

The biological approach will help you to understand your customers’ emotional needs and wants.  Putting yourself in their shoes and making an emotional connection with them will help make the sale.  In order to buy from someone, a customer needs to have a level of trust and a good feeling about them.  Sharing your perspectives and opinions, doing what you say you’re going to do, and being transparent are all ways to earn trust.

The Behavioral Approach

The behavioral approach to selling is all about adapting and changing for your customer’s needs.  Buyer expectations are high, and you need to be able to deliver.  Customers want more services, quality products, and better treatment.  They need a reason to buy from you instead of your competitors, and price is not always what drives them.

The Psychodynamic Approach

Psychodynamics, or talk therapy, is the act of letting someone share their thoughts and feelings.  Allowing your customer to share experiences or dreams can help from a business standpoint.  Asking your customer questions about what they want from this product and why it can help them will allow them to de-stress and help them to gain insight just by talking.  This will also help them to earn your trust.

The Cognitive Approach

Learning is a great tool of taking a cognitive approach to selling.  Ongoing training and classes where you learn new selling skills and techniques will be beneficial to your business. When your brain stays alert by thinking and remembering these new skills, you will be more equipped to make better decisions for your business.  This will also help you to deal with stress, change, and the ability to problem solve with your customer.

The Humanistic Approach

Taking a humanistic approach to selling is catering to your customer.  Respect will go far when you are trying to make the sale.  Knowing and appreciating the customers values and beliefs, and actually showing you care about them, is more important than their actual needs.  Building this rapport with them will make them more likely to buy from you next time than going to a competitor.

Learning about these 5 approaches and applying them to your business will help your business be more successful in the long run.  Showing respect, gaining trust, letting customer’s share their feelings and emotions, and changing for their needs are all ways to take a psychological approach to selling.  Ongoing training classes and always continuing to gain knowledge will help not only you as a person, but also your business.  Finding out what motivates your particular customer to spend their money is key; and taking a personal approach to them will help keep them as customers.


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