Being able to handle conflict rationally is pertinent to your success, whether you find yourself in a leadership role or on your own.  Shying away from conflict and not addressing it is what the majority of people do, because it can be uncomfortable to talk about.  Facing the conflict and voicing your concerns in a healthy way is essential in the workplace.  Here are some ways to address and resolve conflict at work.

Don’t Ignore the Problem

As I mentioned, conflict and confrontation can be uncomfortable for most people.  Ignoring the conflict is not a healthy way to deal with it and will only make things worse.  Addressing conflicts as soon as they occur is crucial to a successful work environment.  When these issues are not addressed, they tend to get worse as time goes on, and may lead to a potential blow up.

Gather All Information and Talk It Out

It is important to get all of the information and to hear both sides of the story.  Going in a room together, sitting down and talking about the problem is the first step in solving it.  It is very important that both parties listen to each other and identify the problem.  Both parties involved also need to be open to each other and their different perspectives.  The way you see something can be totally different from how another person sees it and it’s important to show respect and listen to each other.

Come Up With a Solution

Now that both parties have voiced their opinions, it is time to come up with a solution.  Hopefully, by talking and listening, there is some understanding on both sides.  Finding a common ground can be tough, especially when you are working with different personality types.  Finding the right steps and plan to solve the problem may take awhile, depending on the conflict.  

Follow Up

Just because both parties have agreed to a solution doesn’t always ensure that things will change and that the conflict will be resolved. It is important to follow up with the person, and that both parties are taking the right steps to deal with the conflict that was agreed upon.  If both parties are happy, then the solution works.  If not, it may be time to have another meeting and follow up to address the ongoing conflict and why the steps are not being taken to solve it.  Sometimes there needs to be adjustments to the expectations for one another, and realizations that something isn’t working.  This is the time for finding an alternate solution and talking it over once more.


Handling conflict in the workplace can be a tough situation for anyone.  Workplaces have all different types of people and personalities, and it can sometimes be difficult to find common ground.  Listening to people and understanding their frustrations can go a long way.  Not only coming up with a solution that works for both parties, but following up and making sure that the solution is working is essential for a successful working environment.



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