“I buy expensive and top-rated makeup products and still my skin looks dull wearing it.”

“I have tried every makeup application technique and still my foundation flakes.”

“I have to use tons of concealer to hide my flaws and still they are visible.”

“I wish makeup could give me a glass-like skin like celebrities.”

Do you see what is wrong with these statements?

Mentality. Approach. Mindset. 

Let us be clear on one thing…

No matter how expensive your makeup is, it will only look good if your skin is good. You cannot expect makeup to glide smoothly on your rough textured skin. Sure there are primers that minimize pores’ appearance, but to what extent? How about you change your thinking? Solve this problem with a different approach. How about you work on keeping your pores clean so they don’t look enlarged even without makeup?

Don’t think of makeup as a tool to hide your flaws. Think of it as a tool to enhance your beauty.

Instead of hiding your flaws – treat them with proper skincare.

Skincare doesn’t have to be extensive or hard work. With advanced scientific breakthroughs, we have miraculous skin care products available in the market.

What used to be hour-long prep of a facial mask, is now just a rip of a packet away.

Squeezing cucumber or tomato juice every day as it runs stale quickly is not a problem anymore because we have advanced serums now.


I am sure you know about serums and sheet masks. I am not taking your knowledge lightly; my point is, there is no excuse for ignoring skincare in these times. We have everything readily available. With most skincare, we just need to slap it on the face and sleep over it. I mean, how difficult is that?


Assuming, you now realize the importance of skincare, you want to get started but you still don’t want to have an extensive routine. Let me share with you the two most magical skincare products that will transform your skin from ordinary to extraordinary. You will learn to love your skin. You will like your skin without makeup and you will love it with makeup.


1- Chemical Exfoliation

You probably don’t want to throw away your precious grainy apricot scrub which apparently gives you instant glow. But trust me, you are doing more damage to your skin than any good with that scrub. Especially if you have active acne, physical exfoliation (scrub) is a big No. 

Switch to Chemical Exfoliation today and thank me in less than a week. According to your skin type, you should choose between Salicylic Acid (oily acne prone), Glycolic acid (normal) or Lactic acid (dry). 


2- Retinols

If you are hitting your 30s, it’s time for you to start using Retinol. It is kind of an all-rounder product. You won’t have to use any other product beside the ones I have mentioned in this post. It is anti-ageing and constant use gives your skin a radiant glow because it improves the texture of your skin dramatically.

These two products will change your skincare game and will make your makeup smoother than ever even with drugstore products. But you have to make a little promise. 


Never skip moisturizer and sunscreen whether you use these products or not. Moisturizer will lock the serums to your skin and sunscreen will make the work of the serums worth it by avoiding further damage to the skin.


It’s not a sponsored post but I can vouch for The Ordinary serums for they actually work and are affordable. Other slightly expensive but equally good options are Inkeylist, Paula’s Choice, Good Molecules. One more thing, don’t forget to read the package instructions before using any product. Skincare products which contain active ingredients may harm your skin if not used properly. 

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