How to thrive during quarantine.

Yes, for some, being stuck at home sucks. But we should also keep in mind, working from home is the lifelong goal of many. Tons of people have been yearning for the opportunity to break free from the monotony of the office life and start a business of their own… well, now you have a chance. So, instead of thinking about everything you could possibly miss out on during this crisis, you should think of the money you will be missing out on by not taking action NOW. Because, I…

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A message from our CEO.

In times like these, we all need to take a step back and evaluate what is important to us. For some, it’s business, for others, family, for few, it’s our legacy – what we will leave behind, as well as be remembered for. As I sit here writing this, my mother is in the hospital, and cannot have visitors, because the hospital cannot risk allowing the virus into its doors. What an eye-opener – being turned away from visiting someone you love. When I created Smartr, the entire purpose of…

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Stuck at home? Get your side hustle on.

I never knew getting toilet paper would be such a difficult task. After visiting 6 stores, I was losing my motivation, but that doesn’t stop an entrepreneur, right? In fact, once I felt that sudden urge of discouragement, it was followed by an immediate surge of energy and determination. I am going to find some paper for our family to wipe their butts, no matter what I have to do. As I walked into the 7th store with my new feelings of success, I found toilet paper. Suddenly, I am…

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Why Comfort will Kill You!

woman on bed

Comfort here is not the feeling of sleeping on a nice bed, or lounging in an expensive couch. The comfort we are discussing here is the tendency to drop the ball when you feel like things are going your way. It’s a destructive lethargy, and horrible complacency. To dissect this further, let’s compare the actions of uncomfortable people versus those who get too comfortable. Uncomfortable people do uncomfortable things. They wake up at outrageous hours of the morning to head to work, and work around the clock. People, who are…

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How To Stay Motivated On A Plant-Based Diet

vegan diet

There is no doubt that a plant-based diet is necessary for long-term health and wellness, but given the fact that most of our foods are sourced from animals, it is challenging to be vegan. Also, plenty of people promoting that animal foods are the only source of ‘high-quality’ protein (which isn’t true), there are many vegans who are having a difficult time staying motivated on a 100 percent plant-based diet. Below are some great and simple tips anyone can take advantage of to stay motivated on a plant-based diet as…

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